WWE Battleground 2014 Fatal 4 Way Match

Here is one of best matches in the history of WWE. WWE Battleground 2014 Fatal 4 Way Match the WWE World Heavyweight Title: Kane vs. Roman Reigns vs. Randy Orton vs. John Cena. 


WWE Battleground 2014 Fatal 4 Way Match

We go to the ring and out first comes Randy Orton. Kane is out next taken after by Roman Reigns to a major pop. Rules advances through the group. WWE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena is out beside a blended response.

Roberts does formal ring presentations for every Superstar and Reigns get the greatest pop. Cena gets a blended response not surprisingly. Orton and Kane seem to be collaborating. The ringer rings. Kane and Reigns go at it while Cena and Orton do. Cena hurls Orton to the floor and they go at it. Orton whips Cena into the steel steps. Reigns mounts Kane in the corner with right hands as fans check along.

Reigns works over Orton in the ring now however pivots to a top dog from Kane. Kane and Orton twofold teamReigns now. They both hit enormous clotheslines in the corner. Cena returns to the overskirt yet Kane thumps him off and into the boundary. Rules gets a boot up. Rules goes up and jumps down with a twofold clothesline. They turn it back around and hit a twofold suplex on Reigns.

Orton goes for a stick endeavor and Kane goes to the ropes to ensure Cena doesn’t come in. Cena keeps running in now and suplexes Orton for a 2 consider Kane breaks it. Kane and Orton twofold group Cena now. Kane goes to the floor and runs Reigns into the ring post. Cena counters and nails a bulldog on Orton. Kane comes in and hits a sideslam on Cena, enabling Orton to cover for a 2 consider Kane stands monitor once more.

We get dueling serenade for Cena. Cena works over Orton yet Kane returns the ring to make the spare. They twofold group Cena some more at this point. Fans serenade for Reigns, who is down outwardly. Kane drops Cena again and Orton covers for the 2 tally. All the more twofold joining on Cena. Rule gets on the cook’s garment however Kane thumps him off. Kane goes to the floor yet Reigns counters and sends him into the ring post. Cena makes a rebound on Orton in the ring.

Cena hits his typical moves and the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for the Attitude Adjustment however Orton snatches the top rope. Orton gets dumped outwardly. Reigns and Cena meet in the ring however Orton and Kane assault them before they can go at it. Rules and Kane go at it. Kane nails a major DDT and spreads Reigns for 2. Orton comes in and hollers at Kane for going for the stick.

Kane and Orton have words. They push each other and Kane rocks him. Kane takes Orton to the corner with more shots. Kane takes Orton to the top for a superplex however Cena and Reigns stop them. Cena and Reigns powerbomb Kane to the tangle, carrying Orton with them. Orton lands hard. Cena and Reigns go head to head again yet go to take a shot at Kane when he sits up.

Orton with a backbreaker on Reigns. WWE Battleground 2014 Fatal 4 Way Match continuous as Orton takes Cena to the second rope for the hanging DDT and snatches Reign too. Orton nails a twofold second rope hanging DDT. Orton covers Reigns for a 2 consider Kane breaks the stick and hits Orton. Kane with right hands on Orton now. WWE Battleground 2014 Fatal 4 Way Match Kane nails a major boot and covers Orton for a nearby 2 consider Reigns breaks the hold. Rules with a major Samoan Drop on Kane for a 2 check that Orton separates. Orton works Reigns over at this point. Orton applies a half crab to Reigns. Rules controls out and applies one of his own.

WWE Battleground 2014 Fatal 4 Way Match continuous as Cena comes in and nails an AA on Kane yet Kane moves to the floor. Cena brings Orton down and applies the STF. Orton slithers for the base rope yet Cena pulls him back to the center of the ring. Rules hauls Orton out of the ring, breaking the hold and sparing the match. Cena looks stunned. Rules hurls Orton over the report table. Reigns returns the ring for another go head to head with Cena.

They have words. Cena strikes first and they exchange shots amidst the ring. Rules ducks a clothesline and keeps running over Cena. Reigns with a clothesline in the corner. Cena drops him for a STF however Reigns pieces it. Rules hits a Samoan Drop. Rules requires the Superman punch yet Cena counters it and nails a side hammer. Cena goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle however Reigns bounced up and hits the Superman punch to a major pop. Rules prepares for a lance and nails it on Cena however Kane breaks the stick.

Kane and Reigns go at it now. Rules with a clothesline and another. Rules with a major right hand yet Kane fires ideal back. Kane takes a Superman punch and goes down. Rules circles the ring and nails the dropkick on Cena. He circles again and nails one on Orton at the declare table. Rules circles whatever remains of the ring and dropkicks Kane. Rules shouts and pivots to stick Orton through the obstruction. Fans serenade “sacred s- – t” as we go to replays of that arrangement. Fans serenade “this is wonderful” as Reigns returns with Kane. Rules goes for a lance however Kane snatches him for a chokeslam.

WWE Battleground 2014 Fatal 4 Way Match continuous as Roman controls out and nails a lance yet Cena breaks the stick just before the 3 tally. Cena covers Kane however Reigns breaks it at 2. Cena hurls Reigns out to the floor. Cena nails an AA on Kane however Reigns keeps running back in and scarcely spares it. Rules with a 2 rely on Kane as Cena breaks it. Cena and Reigns exchange shots now. Cena hits an AA on Reigns yet Kane stops the stick.

Kane hits a major chokeslam on Cena and one on Reigns. Kane covers Reigns for a 2 check. Kane requires a Tombstone and scoops Reign however Reigns slides out. Rules nails a lance for a 2 consider Orton splits it up. Orton with a RKO on Reigns. Cena AA’s Orton on top of Kane and spreads Kane for the win.

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