Samoa Joe Attack Brock Lesnar – WWE Raw 26 June 2017

Samoa Joe Attack Brock Lesnar


Staggered and befuddled, icy and perplexed. Torn up and broken, alarmed and entranced. Lying on the table in this new place, I’m welcomed by an outsider, a man without a face. He stated, “Child, do you recall?” and I resembled, “Goodness definitely, I need to liveblog this here ace wrestling appear.”

The show opens with a recap of Extreme Rules concentrated on the headliner five-way #1 contender’s match and thus into the ordinary introduction video.

Critique guarantees we’re going to get notification from Samoa Joe and after that Bray Wyatt makes his passageway.

He has a match against Roman Reigns, yet to begin with, he gets on the mic. He says the previous evening was the start of the end, and he had an opportunity to kill the Beast and spare every one of us from punishment, yet as opposed to outfitting him with his sword, they took it from him and struck it directly into his heart.

Yet, he’s still here, and he is as yet alive, and he is still all of the god that he has dependably been. What’s more, that is the reason he’s here today around evening time, to cast judgment on the blameworthy. Finn Balor is blameworthy, Samoa Joe is liable, Seth Rollins is liable, and to wrap things up, obviously, Roman Reigns is liable.

Whinny pledges that one-by-one they should all be rebuffed, beginning ideal here today around evening time with Roman himself. It was him- –

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