Braun Strowman returns to attack and challenge Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns was facing the number one contender Samoa Joe at Monday Night Raw 19 June 2017. Braun Strowman returns to attack and challenge Roman Reigns for the Next Pay per view The balls of Fire.

Braun Strowman returns to attack and challenge Roman Reigns


Braun Strowman returns to attack and challenge for Balls of Fire

WWE has been advancing that a major declaration was originating from Roman Reigns this evening on “Crude”, which would be concerning his arrangements for “SummerSlam”.

Reigns takes the mic to blended responses. Reigns says he regards Taker and Taker regards him since Reigns beat him. Instead of talking smoothly of The Undertaker in the wake of vanquishing him the prior night, Reigns relaxed in the fans’ boos and said five words: “This is my yard, now”.

Reigns at that point stripped Joe of his Samoan legacy and asserted he would decline to recognize that Joe is really Samoan.

Reigns needed to turn out around here and list the general population he has beaten yet Joe’s name isn’t on that rundown. He is Samoa Joe, the main contender, and the following Universal Champion. Joe advises Reigns to enable him to reintroduce himself (there truly is a Jay-Z line for everything!). Reigns says he never thought he would concur with Paul Heyman however Joe will never be “Samoa Joe” to Reigns. They go head to head and Joe rocks Reigns with a headbutt. Joe gets Reigns and talks some junk.

Braun Strowman returned on the current week’s WWE Raw amid Roman Reigns versus Samoa Joe. Joe takes off of the ring and steps back. They go head to head as Reigns’ music hits and Joe moves down the slope. Miz was incredulous of the bear which prompted Miz assaulting him just to find that the bear was some irregular person we’ve never observed.

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